Shop For A Cause



Eye Candy Boutique will help you host your next fundraising event. From sports teams to charities, Eye Candy wants to help you raise funds for your cause of choice.


-   On your Thursday of choice Eye Candy will put on a shopping event at our West location.

  • The event time will always be 6:00pm-7:30pm. It is considered an "after hours" shopping event.
  • Preference for Thursday night events but can be flexible. Call or email for questions.

-   We will create a Facebook event linked to our social media pages to help spread the word about your cause.

  • The page will include information about the event, your cause, and how to contact you, the host.

-   We will supply custom made social media banners with the Shop For Cause logo, your cause and logo, and the information for the event.

-   Provide two Eye Candy personal shoppers that will be available throughout the whole event to assist your guests with all their shopping needs.


-   Supply the event with any desired food or beverage.

  • This is not mandatory. Eye Candy will not be supplying refreshments or the supplies needed to serve. We will assist in placement and care if the host brings their own.

-   Spread the word! With help of the Facebook page and your own social media accounts. Share, like, and invite.

  • Spreading the word is the most important thing you can do for you event! Create email blasts, share on Facebook, or send out reminder texts. We will share the event on our social media pages multiple times before the event but will not be personally inviting guests.


-   Eye Candy’s shopping night is a percentage based event.

  • 10% of sales goes to the cause
  • 10% of sales goes to in-store credit for the host
    • Store credit must be used within 15 days of receiving final numbers. Credit not used will be kept by the store.

-    Donation Box at the check-out counter.

  • For the giving heart, an extra box will be set out for shoppers to place cash donations. All funds will go back to the host.
  • Some hosts have used this box for a door prize drop box as well. Feel free to come up with creative ideas to get people to the event!

-   Sales Rewards!

  • $1,000 in sales will get the host 50% off one item in store.
  • $2,000 in sales will get the host one complimentary custom designed Eye Candy shirt that reflects your cause (or $50 cash).


Event Policies

  • The event must make at least $300 in sales for the host to receive any funds. No exceptions.
  • We recommend booking at least three weeks in advance. Booking any closer to a date does not guarantee your booking will be accepted. Three weeks is also the least amount of time needed to market and prepare for your event. Please plan responsibly!
  • We will confirm the event with you within a few days of the initial booking. You must confirm the event a second time in order to hold your spot. Eye Candy will not hold your spot indefinitely. 
  • We will not double book a night for more than one event. If the date you were looking at is taken please choose another date. You can email us with your date preference and we will work with you if anything opens up. 
  • Please give us at least three (3) days to respond to the initial booking before reaching out again. If you do not hear from us after that, feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. 
  • The host or a member of the hosts program must be at the event for the duration. The host should plan on being there by 5:45pm to set up and prepare for the event. 
  • It will take up to a week to receive final totals and up to 2 weeks to receive the funds and in-store credit. Cash donations can be taken the evening of the event. 
  • Sharing and inviting is mainly up to the host and individuals involved in the cause or program. Eye Candy is not responsible for personally inviting guests or the turnout of the event. We suggest posting in the event, sharing Eye Candy items with friends, and sending out email blasts to ensure maximum turnout.
  • The cause/program receiving the funds must be in line with the values of Eye Candy Boutique. Any bookings made that do not follow our values will be declined. 


Choose Eye Candy for all your fundraising needs!

Contact 217-787-9677 or email regarding any questions about your Shop for A Cause event.